Authentic Italian Cuisine

Fred Shambora and Barbara Gargan opened the doors to Freddie's in 1995.

Barb's Salad Dressing

Want to enjoy Barb's Salad Dressing in your own home?

Barb's Salad Dressing is made by the owner herself, Barbara Gargan. It's slightly sweet, opening your taste buds to fill them with a fusion of fresh herbs and oils. Since it's introduction several years ago, it has been a customer favorite!

What others are saying...

This is a great dressing! We love and bring it home with us every time we go to the beach! So happy we can order online! ~Vicki Brown

I lived in Kure Beach for many years, just up the street from Freddies. In fact, my husband, at the time, built the benches for the eatery, prior to Freddies . There are no words to describe this product . It is perfect for all salads. The taste is , well... ~Leah

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(910) 458-5979

111 K Ave
Kure Beach, NC 28449

5:00pm -Til

Even though I'm not changing my rating, I must write about Freddie's again. We had my birthday dinner there this week as they were one of the only nice restaurants who stayed open through the 'snow storm'. Such a great place. The food was great as usual. The only problem (if you can call it a problem) is that we ordered a full carafe of wine and drank the whole darned thing. For me, a half-glass of wine a night kind of a girl, it was very lush. And then I proceded to throw half of my leftovers on the ground while trying to form a snowball. Such a waste of good food! Another plus is that it wasn't as pricey as I had remembered. Even with all that wine, it was only $50 for the two of us. Not bad for such great food..
Erin S., Carolina Beach, NC